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He’s the one man she can’t have . . .

Will Hawley is everything Mira Wentworth should avoid. He’s devastatingly hot, king of the party boys, and the new driver on her father’s Formula One team. Mira learned her lesson about drivers the hard way after a mistake cost her everything. She’s spent years trying to make her way back into the world of racing. Now, as a team assistant, she has her second chance, and no one is going to get in her way.

She’s the one woman he wants . . .

After his party boy antics nearly blew up his racing career, Will is finally back in the driver’s seat and determined to get onto the podium. He likes to think he’s reformed, but with one look at the boss’ daughter, he’s willing to risk it all.

As the heat builds between Mira and Will, their chemistry deepens into something more. But when the ugly events of the past come to call, their fragile new relationship is put to the test. Can Mira and Will’s love cross the finish line?

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