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Cover reveal for Duchess in Name!

Friends, I’m going to get all emotional here for a second. I started working on this book early in the summer of 2013, which isn’t really that long ago in book time, although for me, it feels like I’ve been working on this book FOREVER. It was my first historical romance and I had a lot to learn. It’s been through many rewrites, edits, and complete overhauls. I’ve never worked harder on anything than I have on this book (except maybe raising my daughter…right now it feels like a tie).

Anyway, as a result, I’m more emotionally connected to this book (and to the next two in the series) than I am to anything else I’ve written. Every step toward publication has been a small miracle to me.

Getting cover art in your inbox from your publisher is always a nerve wracking experience. They ask you to submit images for inspiration for the cover artist, but beyond that, it’s pretty much out of your hands. As some of you know, I was a visual artist first, and I’m still very visual as a writer. The Pinterest board for A Duchess in Name is epic. So turning the book over to someone else’s vision was not easy for me! And opening that cover art email was terrifying.

Imagine my delight when they nailed it!

I love this cover so much. It strikes every right chord and represents A Duchess in Name perfectly. I’ve been desperate to share it with everybody as soon as I got it. Waiting was torture!

And now that I’ve babbled on forever about it, HERE IT IS!

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