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That time my early morning costume ramblings went viral...

So back in late June, like most people, I went to see Wonder Woman. And, like most people, I LOVED IT. The next morning (a Sunday), I was up early, as I usually am, and was still thinking about Wonder Woman. All sort of little things I'd noticed in the movie started coming back to me, and before I knew it, I was dragging down my costume history books, looking things up on the internet, and getting really excited. But no one in my house was awake, and I had no one to talk to about it. So I got on twitter, and started tweeting into what I thought was the void, just to get my excited ramblings out of my head.

Imagine my surprise as, over the course of the next week, that string of posts went viral! By the time things quieted down, my twitter thread had been featured on dozens of websites, including The Daily Dot, Bust, and The Mary Sue.

That experience convinced me that I really needed a blog feature on my website, so I'd have someplace to share stuff like that in the future. The first website to feature it was We So Nerdy, run by some ladies I've been friends with for years. They asked me to write up my twitter thread as a blog post, so here it is, for posterity's sake:

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