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Coming soon!

It's been a little quiet on the publishing front for me as of late. I have

some things out in the world...we'll see what becomes of them. In the meantime, there's a little project I've been working on and it's almost ready for release.

From the beginning, I'd always envisioned Genevieve Grantham, of the Grantham Girls series, getting her own story, and it's finally happening. The Notorious Lady Grantham, a novella and a companion to the series, will be out shortly, so stay tuned!


The Notorious Lady Grantham

Seventeen years ago, amidst a firestorm of tragedy and betrayal, Genevieve left Paris behind forever. Since then, she’s remade herself as the formidable Lady Grantham, a fixture on London’s social scene. Years of arranging advantageous matches between Europe’s cash-strapped nobility and the New Money heiresses she trains in her finishing school have left her jaded and disillusioned. Love has become the enemy.

When the mysterious and handsome Lord Wrexham, unknown in London Society, arrives in town, the carefully ordered life Genevieve has built for herself begins to crumble. It seems the time has come to confront everything she left behind in Paris—and everyone.

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