Sky High

My short story collection, Sky High, is now available!

As I mentioned previously, the first story in the collection, The Friendly Skies, was written last year as part of the Frequent Flyers collection. When we decided to release our stories individually, I began to wonder if I couldn’t come up with a little new material to sweeten the deal.

In The Friendly Skies, our two protagonists, Simon and Cassie, meet on a business trip to Mexico. Half way through their flight, a volcano outside Mexico City begins to erupt, closing airspace and causing the flight to be re-routed back to JFK.

Now, before you tell me that’s the most improbable meet-cute you’ve ever heard, let me explain that the EXACT same thing happened to me in 2013. I was on my way to Mexico City for work. The volcano just outside the city, Popocatépetl, had been erupting the day before, but had stopped by the time my flight took off. Two and a half hours into the flight, it started erupting again, spewing ash into the air and closing the airspace over Mexico City. We had to turn around and fly all the way back to JFK. I started jotting down notes for a story on the long return.

Anyway, cut to this year. Cassie and Simon were on this fictitious flight, but two hundred other fictitious people were, too. I decided there must be more love stories among them.

I came up with Blame It On the Rum and Take the Money and Run. I had a blast writing them and I really hope you enjoy reading!

The Friendly Skies

Cassie Sinclair has been there, done that, and has the frequent flyer miles to prove it. She’s far too jaded to fall for the engaging stranger seated next to her on her flight to Mexico, no matter how pretty his face or dreamy his accent. But when the flight’s re-routed and their tightly packed schedules are blown, she decides indulging in one reckless night with Simon couldn’t hurt. They’ll have their fun and fly back to their regularly scheduled lives the next day. But fate (and Simon) might have other plans.

Blame It On the Rum

Jesse and Sydney have been at each other’s throats since college. Getting stuck sitting next to each other on the flight to their friends’ wedding in Mexico starts out as a disaster, and it only gets worse when the flight’s re-routed. But a little rum, a few weakened inhibitions, and a very tiny airplane bathroom lead to an unexpected and passionate encounter that could change everything.

Take the Money and Run

Meg and Garrett couldn’t be more different, and from the moment they meet on a flight to Mexico, it’s clear they’re headed in opposite directions in life, despite the shared destination. When Meg’s romantic Mexican adventure heads south, Garrett’s the one left picking up the pieces, and they find their fates are intertwined in ways neither could have predicted. But will their unexpected spark last once the dust settles?

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