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Love and the Laws of Motion is here!

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes one to publish a book. Every book I've written was the product of many people's work, but Love and the Laws of Motion owes a greater debt to the work of others than usual.

At one point there was no book here at all. For several reasons, the story I'd originally intended for Livie Romano had to be scrapped. So there I was with Book One headed to publication and an outline in place for Book 3 and a gaping black hole of nothingness where Livie's story was supposed to be. So I started from scratch, came up with a new plot and a new hero. Livie changed along the way, too. It was all for the better in the end. Livie's story in this book is so much better than it would have been in that other version. By the way, I'm working on that other version now as a standalone. It turned out that story was meant for a different heroine!

A lot of people helped me hammer this thing into existence. When I was staring at that gaping black hole of nothingness, my agent, Rebecca Strauss, listened to me bounce ideas off the wall and told me which one had the best chance of sticking.

And my poor, beleaguered husband... He always has to put up with listening to me think out loud about my books, but this time I put him to work. He read countless scientific articles so that he could come up with what would become Livie's (entirely fictitious) PhD research subject.

And speaking of science...I wrote a book about an astrophysicist when I don't really know a thing about astrophysics. Smart me! Thankfully I had an astrophysicist friend, Dr. Ashley Pagnotta, who was willing to look over my crazy ideas and make sure it had some basis in scientific fact. Only some, though. As Nick says in the book, they're into Star Trek territory now.

My good friend Anne Forlines reads everything I write and she reads it first. This time, her invaluable feedback really helped me figure out what the hell I was writing.

Alissa Davis, my editor at Carina Press, is always a genius, but this time out, she had some spot-on insights into these characters that made the whole thing click into place in my head. As always, she made this book so much better than it was.

Anyway, Livie goes on a real journey in this book. She's close to my heart, and I found myself rooting for her (even though I was writing it and knew how it was going to turn out!). I hope you root for her, too.

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